The children made a turkey using two potatoes. A small potato representing the head was fastened through the use of a skewer to top of a larger one, which represented the body.

The aim was to teach or review body parts and related vocabulary while at the same time engaging the children in an enjoyable craft activity.

A word of advice: As the potatoes can spoil, they should be changed using new ones, every 10 days.

It is important that when the kids are doing activities with mom or dad, that they explain the process or steps out loud.

Steps and material needed:

*2 potatoes (big and small).
*Cut off the bottom the big potato and stand it upright.
*Put the small potato (head) on the big one (body).
*The eyes, beak and snood are molded from the ball of clay then glued
to the face and painted red.
*Remove feathers from old turkey and stick them into new one.
*Make new feet from a piece of cardboard and glue them to bottom of
big potato.