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Speaking more than one language is an advantage for professionals in a business environment more and more  globalized. That is why companies are requiring more skilled people who are able to speak different languages to compete in the current market.
If  you want to rise your team productivity, to be more competitive and improve your skills at languages, our English, Spanish or French courses are what you are looking for. Since they are adapted to every company need, saving time and money.

Silvina´s Languages Team has experienced, native, bilingual teachers who by using the exclusive method ” Learning by doing” manage the students to improve their understanding of the foreign language and  help them communicate more effectively and with greater confidence whatever their business or profession.
A Placement Test and Needs Analysis are sent prior to each course so that we can establish the level and needs in advance.

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The method “learning by doing” provides students with opportunities to practice immersed 100 % in English, every day, real life/ work situations at their work environment. This method we find strengthens student confidence, self-esteem and overall fluency when speaking and listening English, while at the same time being highly rewarding for them.
An aspect like   motivation is essential to the teaching of a foreign language.  This is in part due to the fact that learning a second language is such a long and potentially tedious process. For this reason we dedicate part of our teaching time to ” learning by doing”  where students, through  activities such as phone calls, job interviews, shop assistant/customer role play, bank manager/client role play, doctor/ patient role play, can practice in real work situations, the linguistic skills and target language they learned in class.


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The Program

The contents taught in a mainly practical way, are  organized into quarters and there is an intensive weekly course in The United Kingdom at the end. This way our students will have the opportunity to go through/review  and experience what they have learnt in the previous 3- month course. A win-win / complete immersion to enrich not just the language but the culture knowledge.[/expand]

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Our teachers

All teachers are English or bilingual,  language specialists and  in most cases possess postgraduate degrees. In an addition to being native speakers of Spanish, teachers are also proficient in English. This is important when addressing specific student needs, concerns, or any other aspect related to the learning process.
Our staff is experienced, dynamic, open minded, sociable, and highly motivated. These qualities ensure that the learning atmosphere for the students is not only highly professional but very enjoyable as well.

Our teachers are hired based on the fulfillment of the following criteria: That they possess language teaching credentials, that they have two years teaching experience at another institution, and above all, they are highly motivated, enthusiastic and friendly.


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Silvina’s Language Team gives the opportunity to the company of holding their classes in its facilities without movements of its employees. The teacher will go to the company in the timetables agreed and will monitor permanently the evolution of the students to keep the company informed continuously.
We work with a small group of students in our companies’ course program in order to give them a total immersion in the practice of the language depending on their particular needs and their demonstrated level in our prior assessment. We offer too One to One classes, for senior managements of the company.[/expand]

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We offer 3  hours tuition per week, at any time the company considers suitable for the participants.[/expand]




We manage the paperwork for reimbursable courses according to the Tripartite Foundation.

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