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Spanish is the official language in 21 countries, most of them in America and Europe. Countries that were former Spanish colonies like Philippines ( Asia ) Equatorial Guinea, Western Sahara ( Africa) ,   speak Spanish. Every day more and more Spanish words are introduced to search engines or internet providers, and according to Google Spanish- speaking community, as users have grown considerably for the last three years.
Having grown  650,9 % between 2000 and 2009, Spanish is the third most used languages on internet with 153,3 million users.
Having native Spanish- speakers as part of the staff has become a significant advantage for any company. By knowing their culture they are able to adapt products or goods and translate website into Spanish successfully. All in all, the best way of drawing the users or costumers attention and have them to trust a product is by speaking their own language.
We Offer:
On line Spanish classes, webinars for groups and one to one classes.
Intensive weekly courses in Spain with social and cultural activities.
Who is this course suitable for: This course is aimed at clients working in a wide range of business fields and who need to improve their Spanish in a short period of time. The main objective of this  course is to improve your understanding of Spanish and to help you communicate more effectively and with greater confidence whatever your business or profession.
You will be sent a Placement Test and Needs Analysis prior to your course so that we can establish your level and needs.

We analyze your case and develop a personalized plan for you so that communication in a foreign language doesn’t become a barrier to the development of your business.
In order to measure your team’s progress, we perform ongoing evaluations and share those results with you.

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