This academy recently opened is launched with the hope of reach all those students desiring to develop another skill as important as the knowledge of a second language for their personal and working life.

The conviction that it has multiple advantages, such as more possibilities to empathize with others, have the opportunity to comprehend a different culture, have access to more information and to know it first-hand and increase our mental speed among others, makes us to innovate and motivate constantly our students to give them the opportunity to reach the valuable pleasure of speak a foreign language.

We know that the sum of personal riches contributes to the national wealth but that should not confine ourselves just to the world around us. There is a wonderful universe to explore and we can play a role in this multicultural society if we have the necessary tools; among them, being able to communicate in another language; this multiplies exponentially your prospects of success.

The academy is an active member of the community and involves all its students in its cultural and social initiatives. We know who our students are, we know their families, and we are aware of their necessities and individual values. And we contemplate teaching as the opportunity to contribute to the “individual training” in the wider sense of its conception.